Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mom Said Never to Play With Your Food

I have been guilty of playing with my food but who can blame me...rice day in and day out makes meal time boring. I have to admit, I am still guilty of playing with my food but now I have grown-up excuses.

So you want to rid yourself of a whiny and undisciplined child/adult from the dinner table? A Japanese company named Bandai has come up with a way to make meal time amusing. According to Tokyomango, the cooked noodles come out of the house at the top then slides down to a strainer at the bottom. You take your share of noodles and watch for the next batch of noodles come sliding down.

I am not sure if this slide is available in North America yet but Bandai is a huge toy company in Japan that I am sure you can buy online.

Do you think I can get fish to come down the slide and into Agent Chorizo's mouth without hearing some whining?

Mme. Chorizo