Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lost in Translation

Brace yourself for some die hard laughing. You might want to put on some incontinence pad because I am not responsible on what happens when you look at all the pictures from Engrish It is a collection of pictures around the world that shows why you can't rely on your spell check and call for professional help to translate your intended message. Most of the pictures are from Asian countries but I assure you translation can also be lost elsewhere.

This product will help people curb those urge to snack too much in between meals.

Is this like the punch line for and up coming horror movie?

Hope you have some good reading material.

When you have a poo joke, you always have to follow with a pee joke.

How do you think this technology has helped mankind?

At the top of the website, there are 8 links to other funny picture sites. There is one with cat pics, dogs, news/politic, fail, and etc. The "fail" link is one of my favorite. Check it out cause there will be day when you just need some funnies.

Mme. Chorizo

Friday, February 13, 2009

More Shopping Extravaganza

Can you tell I am stressed? Here is another company that sells fun things for the house and all ages. Okay, maybe for adults with a kids' heart. But this time you can purchase Fred & Friends products locally in Edmonton. There are 4 locations. Here are some of my favs.

"You are Here" Doormat

"Dust Bunny" duster (I bet the ears would be very helpful to get into small crevices)

"Xposed" bag (I would love to see the faces of the security guys at the airport)

"Pizza-Pro 3000" pizza cutter (For you manly male associates)

"Oh Snap" cheeseboard and slicer

"Borrow My Pens" (For all you pen stealers, and you know who you are)

Enlarge the pic to see the special messages on the pens.

Check out their website cause I'm sure there is something for everyone. Happy shopping.

Mme. Chorizo

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Home Shopping Link

Life can be stressful some times so you have to find ways to channel that stress. One very popular and proven method is SHOPPING! is my new found shopping link. All the products are handmade/homemade with sellers located worldwide. The only thing is all the products for sale are sold in USD. (Too bad our dollar is not as strong right now)

YAVAglass: Takes recycled glass bottles and makes them into drinking glasses.

Recycled IBC Creme Soda Bottle Glasses


Wool lace jacket with mink trim and a velvet ribbon for a tie (not sure if I want the mink trim but won't it be so nice to be paired with dark jeans and black boots)

Dalinda: Norweagian craftster with her own blog

Plonka Clutch II

These are only some of the pretty things I found and would buy if I had a money tree.....Happy shopping.

Mme. Chorizo

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What Are Your Plans For This Valentine's Day?

Three more days before the big V-Day. Have you made plans or are you a procrastinator and wait till the last minute? For our friends south of the border I may be of some assistance to your weekend plans.

Found this on Gigglesugar the other day and wonder what kind of specials they would offer at White Castle on V-day. (White Castle is a fast food joint known for their squarish hamburgers). I guess with the down turn of our economy you have to make due with what you got. If the romance doesn't stop your heart, at least you know the fat will. Don't judge ladies, it's the thought that counts.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Creative Table Decorations

On top of the baby phenomenon, there is also a surge of up coming weddings. A lot of the brides-to-be want to find something that is cheap but still have romantic and elegant centerpieces. I came across a DIY wine glass lampshade from

All you have to do is print out the lampshade pattern from the site, cut out the pattern on vellum paper, glue the ends, add embellishment if you want and place it over a wine glass with a tea light inside. Voila. Instant mood lighting. The site also suggest using candle putty to secure the tea light inside the glass.

Brides will be able to rent the glasses for a small price, purchase vellum and tea lights for cheap and turn her bridesmaids into assembly line worker for a weekend.

I still think the reception tables would look better with some flowers. Not a lot to over power the pretty lampshades but you still need some color to extend your color theme. I know that comment was biased but what can I say...I like pretty flowers.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Locking Myself in the Craft Room For Some Sewing TLC

I have finished all of the 36 blocks. But the question now is how do I sew it together for the final look. If I have enough hot pink fabric left, I will use it for a border.

Here is what I have come up with. Leave you comments on which is your favorite. Thanks for your help.