Sunday, June 27, 2010

Identical Twins

I was pleasantly surprised of how beautiful the flowers came together for these 2 arrangements. All the flowers were from my parent's backyard. They have a huge lot but it is not a gardener's paradise by any means. I just found some flowers in bloom and I went crazy with the shears. These beauties where for 2 special people. One was a hostess that offered her lovely home for an afternoon bbq. And the other was for the guest of honour at the bbq.

I had cut some foliage from a plant called gout weed but they didn't last. I think I have to dunk them in some cold water next time I cut them down. Thanks goodness the peonies aren't as fussy and still display a spectacular show.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wedding #2

I was watching the weather closely yesterday as the sky couldn't seem to make up it's mind. Should there be sun or rain, but there was definitely wind. There were lots of flowers but thank goodness majority of them were shorter arrangements and bouquets so they all fit in my car.

Simple, clean and elegant were to used to describe this wedding. So we went with orchids and calla lillies for the bride's bouquet. The colors were hot pink, lime green, black and white. The grooms only request was not to make the wedding look like Easter colors. It's funny how I didn't immediately think the colors were Easter colors but those are common colors of spring.

I was panicking when I went to get the flowers on Thursday. The large cymbidium orchids were much lighter pink then what I had asked for when I ordered them. Thankfully the bride was so easy going; she didn't mind it and actually liked it better then what we decided earlier. *Phew*. I honestly didn't know what I would do. I hate spraying them with a flower safe paint and it was going to be so much more expensive if I had to run around the city looking for a brighter pink orchids. SO thank you, thank you, thank you to the wonderful bride.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

No Need To Knead Bread


Hour: 1

Hour: 12

Hour: 14

Hour: 14 and 35 mins

Hour: 14 and 37 minutes

Yes, somebody could not wait. He assures me that he didn't burn his mouth but I have my doubts. My significant other also doesn't like jam or peanut butter on his toast. He like sweetened condensed milk. It's not bad but I can never open the jar. It's always stuck.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Singing the Blues

As promised, the blue wedding of the season. Colors of the the peacock feathers are popping up occasionally this season. I would have loved to add other blue flowers but they are all out of season. Muscari would have added a touch of delicateness but I am still happy with how the bouquets turned out. The bride wanted simplicity and not too much "frills" so I hope I created what she had envisioned.

Lets start with the 4 bridesmaid's bouquets. They were round bouquets so I had lots of left over delphiniums. I saved them all at first but then I ended up throwing them all way. *sigh, sniff*. They don't like sitting in water for too long.

These were the 2 of the 4 flowergirl bouquets. I hope the little ladies like the ribbon tassels. I always wonder how the flowers for the little people look like after the wedding. Did mom and dad remove or "confiscated" them before they turned into a toy? I remember making a gerber daisy flower ball and it looked like a battered pinata at the end of the night.

Close-up of the stem wrap. The lace/tulle ruffles was inspired by her dress. She had similar type of ruffled on her dress.

The guys boutonnieres. Of course the one with the white ribbon was for the groom. I wish I could get the actual picture of the boutonniere on the groom as we found the pheasant feathers really pop when it was placed against black fabric.

This was actually the trial bouquet for the bride but I didn't have a better picture of the actual one. They look exactly the same except there were blue crisscross ribbons on the stem wrap. I convinced this bride to have a hand held bouquet to differentiate from her maids. She had the height and her a-line dress compliments the style.

Lastly, the corsages for the mommies. Delicate and simple.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Heart Delphinium

Blue weddings are challenging but how can you get frustrated when the flowers gives back in 10 folds of happiness?! They aren't the best to make a round bouquet just cause you have to strip majority of the flowers on the stalk. Not a whole lot to do with them as the stems are much more delicate and break half the time you stick it in foam. But I still love you delphinium. Do you love me too?

Oh yeah, I am also favoring flowers in the hat box. You will probably see different variations of the hat box arrangement for awhile.