Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From 100km/hr to 5km/hr

It is a complete 180 degree turn around from the speed I was making the last finished baby quilt. Even though I was excited about the new stack of fabrics on my table, it was been hard to maintain a rhythm with anything I am sewing these days. I didn't even finish cutting all the pieces needed for the top piece, but I am sewing some ofthe pieces to make the "Bento Box" pattern.

I was going to mix and match the 4 pieces to make the box but it just didn't come out as nice. I ended up following the original pattern and just alternate the 2 opposing pieces. I think it looks much better and the eyes are not as cross-eyed from the mishmash of colours and patterns. You can see each fabric pattern more clearly and emphasized with neighbouring fabrics.

Love the first 2 boxes; cool and refreshing with floral femininity.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


It has been awhile since I have touched the twin's quilts. I am really stuck. I want to do a different quilting design on it but I just can't get it. I even got a new sewing foot to do machine quilting but it's not something you learn over night. It's all pinned and lines are drawn but I just don't have the motivation. Ok. I know why I don't have the motivation. I am preoccupied but the stack of pretty fabrics sitting on the side.

Well honestly, there is only one way to battle the procrastination. Put the "not so interesting" project on the side and do what is more interesting. So I did. I ended up just adding one more fabric to the collection to make 20. It was the gold colour fabric with little red flowers that I used for one of the house coats. I seperated the fabrics into groups of 2 because I am planning to make a bento box quilt and each square is made up of 2 different colour fabrics.

When I looked at the stack of fabrics, I organized them in the rainbow spectrum. I for sure didn't want to make the quilt into a rainbow quilt. I am sure that is not what she wants. I know she would rather it be a mishmash of colours. Despite it being a mishmash, there is still some coordination. This is what I came up with.

Off to work or a few hours and this is what I have so far.

Each square is quite big. Sixteen inches by sixteen inches. Then you cut each of it in quarters and exchange it for a different quarter. So far I have made 4 different squares of different colours. When you are happy with the exchange, you sew it all back up. I don't think I will sew one of the squares back in this order as I am not crazy about the colour scheme. I have 6 more squares to sew up so I will be back again.

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Growing!

I have added more fabric to the inspired fabric collection for a personalized quilt. There are more dramatic patterned fabrics. It was really hard to find gold coloured fabric for a reasonable price. But it was fun searching for them.

Even though there are 19 different fabrics, I don't think I am satisfied yet with the variety. There needs to be more yellows, blues and maybe purple. This quilt will definitely be quite loud and vibrant. Stay tune for more.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good Luck on Your New Endeavours

There will be a soup and sandwich day to send a co-worker on her new endeavours. How can there be a party without some flowers. 8) I hope you enjoy them as we all wish you well in your new position.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Up Coming Project

I showed a good friend of mine the last baby quilt I did and she loved it so much that she wants a quilt for herself. Since she asked me to make her a quilt and I just could not think of anything else. Her only request is vibrant colours. Very fitting for this girl! So I did a little web surfing and found the perfect color inspirations.

This collection of fabrics is designed by Amy Butler called Soul Blossom. Beautiful! This collection of fabric was photographed by Red Pepper Quilts. Rita from Red Pepper Quilts definitely has an eye for colour coordination.

Then I printed off the picture and went fabric shopping. Honestly, how desperate was I to go to the fabric store as it has not stopped snowing for the last 12 hours. I got in my car and drove through it and circled the fabric shelves hours on end. This is what I came up with. Some of the fabrics where from the fat quarter pile I made awhile back but I thought it worked well. The colours that are missing are gold, red, yellow and maybe more lavender and light pink.

The pattern are not as bold and dramatic as the original fabric collection but I think this can also work. I hope she likes what I found.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Twin's Quilts

Started to plan for the twin's quilt. I took a charm pack that had 42 pre-cut squares and I split it
between the 2 quilts. This gives each quilt 21 squares. There is one square left over and I hope to use it and sew their names on the quilts.

The pattern of this quilt is very simple so I am hoping to do some free motion quilting to give it more textural interest. That means I got to go to the store and get the right sewing foot and needles. I don't know what patterns I should do but it should be more interesting then the usual grid lines.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Change of Plans

Remember I mentioned 3 Christmas gifts I was going to make but I only made 2 jackets. The last one was an ambitious gift and was not able to make it on time. Another friend of mine welcomed a set of twins this past year. And how lucky to complete the collection in one shot.

The whole reason why I could not make the deadline was because I could not find the matching fabric to compliment the multi-coloured pre-cut squares. I used a "charm pack" and split it in half for the boy and girl. I found the blue and white polka dot fabric early on but could not find one for the girl. I made a many trips to the fabric store and I finally find the complimentary fabric. It was the same polkadot pattern but in girly colours. YAH!!!!!!

As soon as I get another break from work, I will get started. I also got matching gift bags so I won't have to scramble later.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Photo Finish

All is done of all the alternating squares. So let's not forget about the back side. I made sure I used ever inch square of the pretty fabric collection. Too bad I didn't have more, cause I would have made an even more complex pattern on the back.

Okay, back to the front. I saw this quilt that used the remaining fabric and made a border within a border. I think it makes the quilt more complex to look at. The centre squares isn't the only presentation but will be complimented by the other dancers.

It's all in the details. I still love this criss-cross stitch pre-programmed in my machine. there is something so pretty and delicate it gives the quilt. Despite the modern looks of the quilt layout, the stitches gives it a "homey" feel.

And the winner is......

Ok, bed time. Tomorrow got to rush out and get the gift bags. I hope the shovellers will come and take all this white stuff away.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Speedy Gonzales

Now remember the second "stacking coins" baby quilt I finished awhile ago? That was originally for my co-worker when she went off work to care for her new addition. She left too quickly so I was not able to finish it before I could give it to her. At least that is the story I tell others and I am sticking to it.

This weekend ended up being the perfect weekend to start a new quilt as she is coming back next week. I basically had a week to start and finish it. Old man winter was going to dump 30 centimetres of the white stuff and the plows were not going to be able to shovel the snow for the next 2 days. So bunker down and sew, sew sew! I used a fabric jelly roll that had 40 strips of different fabric. All I needed to do before the weekend was buy backing fabric, batting and matching binding. DONE!

Pretty Eh?

Cut, sew, iron and repeat. Cut sew, iron and repeat.

Assemble some, cut some, sew some, iron and repeat.

Stay tune for day 4 and 5.

Monday, January 10, 2011

First Arrangement of 2011

Can you believe it? It is 2011 and another year. Every year it seems the days go by so fast. I am not the one to make new year resolutions cause I know I never meet them or rather keep them. I usually forget about it by the next month. I just know that the last year has been a creative one and I hope this year will be just as creative or more! Let it be flowers or quilts or food. I am lucky to have found an outlet to be creative in a very structured world .

Here is the first arrangement of 2011. For a dear friend who has recently suffered a loss. But I know she is someone full of spirit and will make it through.

Despite old man winter constantly on our backs, the floral department gives us a glimmer of hope that warm weather is not far away. Spring flowers are here and growing in numbers. Stock was in store and so were tulips. This arrangement will change in a few days as the tulips will continue to grow in water and create different depth to the arrangement. Enjoy.